“The Great Depression in Detroit” [Filler] by rhoing

“The Great Depression in Detroit” [Filler]

Another Zoom program from Detroit History Tours. “As part of our virtual presentation … you’ll have the opportunity to mix up Great Depression themed cocktails with virtual instruction from our master bartender Kit, from [historic] Abick’s Bar.”

We were still at Mom's with Clare's middle brother as well, so we needed lots of glasses. These were half-drinks as we all didn't need three full cocktails for the evening. This evening's concoctions (L to R):
» The Mary Pickford
» Detroit 75, a variation on the well-known French 75, substituting Detroit's Vernor's ginger ale for the champagne
» 1930s Daiquiri

Note. The necessity of “simple syrup” in many cocktails is an interesting chemistry or physics concept.

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Cheers! I'd like to try every one of them. =)
May 2nd, 2021  
Cheers! sitting in the hot afternoon weather, those drinks look soooooo good!
May 2nd, 2021  
What a creative Zoom idea!
May 2nd, 2021  
@thewatersphotos Yeah, that entrepreneur pivoted as best she could when she had to stop doing on-the-street tours!
May 2nd, 2021  
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