Last Shot of Myrtle and the Chicks! by rickster549

Last Shot of Myrtle and the Chicks!

Went back to the nest site this afternoon, and to my surprise, it was gone. Guess that old dead pine tree had finally given way and the limb that the nest was on, broke and dropped the nest. Would have liked to have tried to go in and see if the chicks survived, but the woods in that are were just too thick and swampy. So sad!
oh no, how sad for Myrtle and her chicks! i hope they survive down there, at least you got a fabulous shot of them.
March 22nd, 2020  
Wonderful shot but a sad story. fav
March 22nd, 2020  
Oh no! This is a sad photo then. I'll end up worrying about this family in my sleep now...
March 22nd, 2020  
Very sad for Myrtle and her chicks, hopefully they all survived
March 22nd, 2020  
Oh Rick, how devastating
March 23rd, 2020  
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