The Dogs, Out for a Stroll in the Stroller! by rickster549

The Dogs, Out for a Stroll in the Stroller!

Just can't get over the number of strollers that I see and wonder if there is going to be a baby in there or if it will be a dog. As you see, this one had two dogs in there. A couple of toy poodles. Milanie, if they present themselves, I'll get a shot. :-) Seems like I'm seeing more dogs right now, then wildlife.
That's hysterical!
April 7th, 2021  
Hilarious, all tone in tone too! I have never seen a dog in a stroller, lol!
April 7th, 2021  
so funny
April 7th, 2021  
lol, cute.
April 7th, 2021  
Cute photo of them
April 7th, 2021  
Cute capture. I thought the purpose of walking the dog was for exercise for the dog and the people!
April 7th, 2021  
Only in Florida!
April 8th, 2021  
Pampered pooches. Yes, so many times, I also have seen strollers and look, thinking that I'm going to see a baby, and it's a dog.
April 9th, 2021  
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