Looking up by rosiekind

Looking up

After yesterday's fiasco, I decided to take my 70-200mm lens complete with tripod collar to get some shots of my blue friend. I had to wait an hour before he showed so I was a bit cramped lying in the hollow on my plastic cover but he was worth waiting for. This afternoon I went back after lunch and used my 70-300mm lens hand holding for a change when I got this shot. At least he is on a different part of the branch and looking up to the left instead of looking right. I had thought of trading in my 200mm lens as I have hardly used it but after this morning's episode, I have decided to keep it. It was also good to take the 300mm out as I haven't used that for ages.

I am afraid I have become rather obsessed with kingfishers now and you have @padlock and @pixiemac to thank for that. I was with Padlock the first time I ever got a photo of one and I keep striving to get better shots all the time. I really must get a life! LOL

Thanks for all your kind comments and Favs and have a good weekend.
Love it...fav
March 24th, 2017  
A beautiful capture. Fav!! 😀
March 24th, 2017  
Definitely building a nest.
March 24th, 2017  
I can see why you'd be obsessed. I've only ever seen one twice.
March 25th, 2017  
Great shot.
March 25th, 2017  
Another fabulous capture to make me jealous :)
March 28th, 2017  
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