a tasty album cover, isn't it? by summerfield

a tasty album cover, isn't it?

artist: Walsingham House School
title: where the next meal would come from

Walsingham House School is a private girls' school founded in 1940 and located in a former palace of the Maharajah of Kutch in South Bombay, India.

Quote: In all recorded history there has not been one economist who has had to worry about where the next meal would come from.
- Peter Drucker

i needed an excuse to post my snack this afternoon and what better excuse there is than the album cover challenge! because with the album cover challenge, you can do anything.

i don't know what this petit four is called, but it has a dominating caramel flavour and that crust or shell was to die for. i only had 3 of this this afternoon. trust me!
That certainly looks delicious, great shot and album cover.
January 22nd, 2020  
Cool! Not for listeners on diabetes... ;)
January 22nd, 2020  
Oh, gosh, if this was in front of me, it would not be around for a second shot!
January 22nd, 2020  
Very appetizing!
January 22nd, 2020  
Very cool! And delicious looking!
January 22nd, 2020  
Super image for an album cover
January 22nd, 2020  
The sacrifices we make... but why did you post this when I have NO chocolate in the house???!!! Love it.
January 22nd, 2020  
Mmmmm I wanna devour it so badly. You made it look so good!!
January 23rd, 2020  
Oh my, I'm gain weight just looking at it but it tastes so good. Well I assume so because the photo is fabulous.
January 23rd, 2020  
Wow, what a treat!
January 23rd, 2020  
Goodness that looks delicious
January 24th, 2020  
It sure is a tasty album cover.
January 26th, 2020  
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