a little daytime music by summerfield

a little daytime music

as the bamboo grows taller and bears more leaves, i am running out of ideas. today, it's the piano's turn. i am starting to believe that this little bamboo is not really little as everything i put beside it looks small!


in other news, i felt so bad this morning with a headache and felt nauseated. i read the leaflet they gave me at the clinic yesterday that those are a few of the side effects and there are more which might or might not manifest themselves in the next three to four days. that's just great, ain't it?

really feel sad for her majesty the queen. it must be something to be with someone for more than half of your life and then be gone just at the moment when you think you can just sit back and relax. maybe i will write her a letter to comfort her, as it really broke my heart when i saw a picture of her with a little tear on her cheek.
I love your sweet bamboo. My heart goes out to Queen Elizabeth, I know she misses her soulmate with all of her heart.
April 12th, 2021  
This has an Indonesian look about it - the bamboo, not the piano. Glad you got the vaccine!
April 12th, 2021  
you are doing a great job with this month
April 12th, 2021  
Sweet little piano. Hope that you symptoms subside quickly.
I love the thought of you writing to the Queen to comfort her.
April 12th, 2021  
It’s nice to see the little leaves sprouting
April 12th, 2021  
What a cute piano. And comparing to one of your first bamboo pictures the leaves are really sprouting!
Hope your symptoms/side effects disappear soon. My daughter Nadya, who tested positive and never had symptoms in December, had a really sore arm and fever for a few days after the Moderna vaccine.
April 12th, 2021  
ha, fun shot.
April 12th, 2021  
lovely (:
April 12th, 2021  
This bamboo is starting to look like it belongs in my bamboo forest! Great to see the piano again as it has been a while.

So sorry to hear about your symptoms. You are so thoughtful to want to write the queen. It must be difficult for her right now.
April 12th, 2021  
I hope your symptoms don't last long.
April 12th, 2021  
After playing a couple of tunes, Jack is going to climb up to the clouds?
April 12th, 2021  
I have no doubt that you will feel better and not run out of ideas for this 30 days of bamboo. I would never have thought to correspond with the Queen. What a touching response.
April 13th, 2021  
Love your use of the bamboo. I hope you feel better soon.
April 20th, 2021  
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