as summer fades by summerfield

as summer fades

the sunflower must've come late this year. i remember last year by august sunflowers were past their best. at the farmers' market last weekend, flower kiosks displayed an array of beautiful and fresh-looking sunflowers. there was even a large kiosk selling only sunflowers. i would have been tempted to buy a couple of bunches -- at $4 for a bunch of 5 -- if we were not taking the whole day up and about the countryside in that darned bus. as it turned out we didn't get to the city until eight.


this morning at the bus, there was an annoyingly loud lady talking on her phone. she would laugh, like a hyena, to the consternation of the almost crowded bus, if my reading of their body language was correct. i tried to block her from my mind, until i heard her say "oh, i can't believe this picture, it's so white, not a one coloured person! it's disgusting!" so i slowly turned my head to look (there was just one person between us) and glared at her. the bus at this time was slowing down to stop to let people off, and as i was about to say something, she abruptly got up and exited at the back of the bus, still yacking away and complaining about the whiteness of that picture she and her caller were discussing about. she had to pass the length of the bus and when she saw that i was still glaring at her through the bus window, she gave me the finger! "lovely!" the black guy a few seats behind said. "what an asshole, she's probably being f***ed by a black shit!" the remaining passengers, a mix of colours, mind, just had a laugh. i was still seething with disgust when i got home.

by the way, did i say the woman was "white"?

Beautiful capture of the sunflowers!
I’m noticing that they’re late this year as well!
September 21st, 2023  
Wonderful capture. It’s amazing to me that people talk loudly on their phones when in public. We don’t need to know every little thought they have.
September 21st, 2023  
I love all these beautiful sunflowers are filling the frame.

One is always going to find obnoxious people in public places.
September 21st, 2023  
I love them massed into the frame like this
September 21st, 2023  
I love sunflowers they arr such a happy looking flower
September 21st, 2023  
the sunflowers look even more stunning on black. I'm not liking the sound of your fellow passenger.
September 21st, 2023  
Everyday you have interesting encounters. Lovely sunflowers.
September 22nd, 2023  
Looks fabulous on black!
September 22nd, 2023  
That is rather nice!
September 25th, 2023  
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