meet lady rosetta by summerfield

meet lady rosetta

she's my new toy, but she will only stay for as long as she can because she is made of marzipan. i hope she lasts until april next year for the same subject month. she's enjoying the bokeh. however, she is sad that she can't play mascot tomorrow during pigmania because i have a potluck lunch at the church. she's not going as she is afraid people might mistake her for dessert. how absurd!

she's looking forward to next week when she gets to meet the playing piggers and their owners and she gets to be confirmed as the official mascot of the piggers.
Ha ha, what a great idea! I love the look of her. Has she a friend called Pygmalion?
December 7th, 2023  
So looking forward to meeting her next week.
December 7th, 2023  
She is precious cute! She looks pretty fancy with all that bokeh You both will be missed today
December 7th, 2023  
She is rather cute. Wonderful bokeh!
December 7th, 2023  
Lovely shot.
December 7th, 2023  
I recently tried to make jello in the exact shape... I was going to photo it and eat it. It didn't work out.
December 7th, 2023  
Looking forward to meeting Rosetta. She's really got a mischievous smile. (Belonging to you how could it be anything else?)
December 7th, 2023  
She is so cute! I love this!
December 7th, 2023  
December 8th, 2023  
Fabulous photograph. How long has the piggy got??
December 10th, 2023  
It was a pleasure meeting her briefly. I hope she lives to a ripe old age. Nicely presented in this shot. I'm sure she loves her inaugural and official portrait.
December 27th, 2023  
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