winter fun by summerfield

winter fun

yesterday, while i was playing pigs with my fellow piggers, the predicted snowstorm started and i didn't even know about it until 2 in the afternoon when the snowstorm was at the height of its raging. i saw this person emerge from the top right carrying his red shovel. i ran for my camera to catch him shoveling the snow along that path. the path goes to the underground garage. i had so wanted to go down and take photos close up but i saw the piece of cake on the kitchen counter and of course i got distracted!

the snowstorm wasn't as bad as was predicted. we indeed had the 7 cm of snow but the city had salted the roadways way in advance of the storm so the snow didn't really stick itself on the ground, thus making it easier to brush them off to the side and it melted rather quickly. it was very cold, though.
Good luck surviving the storm.
February 17th, 2024  
Great capture. I would have stayed in for a piece of cake
February 17th, 2024  
I love that little flash of pink! Cake....I can see why you got distracted!
February 17th, 2024  
I love the way this looks like a sketch! It’s a terrific POV and composition. Was the cake good?
February 17th, 2024  
The pink shovel just makes this photo look unique, not to mention the POV.
February 17th, 2024  
you seem to have captured all the texture of the snow in this. How fabulous to have that colourful shovel in the mix. Did someone say cake?
February 18th, 2024  
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