Fire Fire! by swillinbillyflynn

Fire Fire!

We have this very interesting old plaque attached to the front of our house. Back in the 18th and 19th century, before the formation of a unified national fire brigade, you would have had to rely on one of the many independent fire insurance companies. You paid them your money and they would affix their unique company logo along with your policy number to the front of the property. This one is from the Sun Fire Insurance Company.

If your house caught fire, you would rush round to their fire station and they would send out a horse drawn fire engine and pump truck.

However, if you didn't have their sign attached to front of your house...... or even worse, another company's sign, they would most likely just stand around and watch your house burn to the ground........

Fortunately, their services were never needed for our house.

And yes I know they are anachronistic crosshead screws......... but after 175 years, the original screws gave up the ghost and had to be replaced. :)
Wonderful signage! I like it for a number of reasons but the history behind it... wow! Interesting and wild - Can't imagine watching a house burn down and not trying to help! At the least, help and work it out with the other insurance agency! Super interesting.
April 16th, 2021  
love the POV here
April 16th, 2021  
An interesting capture and narrative
April 16th, 2021  
What interesting history. I’m pleased your house never tested out the theory.
April 16th, 2021  
Great capture and narrative.
April 16th, 2021  
Wonderful pic!
April 16th, 2021  
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