In the next few weeks 365 Project will pass the 1 million photos uploaded milestone. I almost can't believe it myself, but we're growing fast!

To celebrate our milestone, the lucky uploader of the 1 millionth photo will receive a Years Free Ace Membership and US$50 worth of Amazon gift vouchers to spend as they wish.

It's been really exciting to watch the site grow over the last few years. A big thanks to everyone that has uploaded in the past, and good luck to everyone just starting their projects for 2011 and beyond!

To enter just continue to upload your daily photo as normal. The lucky contributor will be contacted in a few weeks time.

I'm finding myself reflecting on the last few years a lot more thanks to this site, how has the site affected you and your photography?

posted February 2nd, 2011
WE thank you Ross for creating this amazing site and to keep it so good. The community here is so nice and you're our king!
posted February 2nd, 2011
Well done Ross, I was at a bit of a loss with my photography hobby,I had tried other sites, then I found this site, it gives me a reason to go looking for shots, and the encouragement that one receives from other members when contributing to the project is immense. All in all ,no matter your ability, this is a great place to post your pics, get ideas, and make friends all with the same goal in common, to finish the 365.
Love it, great work Mr Ross Scrivener, I salute you.
posted February 2nd, 2011
Whoo hoo! 1 million? You`re doing a great job with this website,Ross,we love you!
posted February 2nd, 2011
Wow! That is awesome... Thank you Ross for making this site!!
posted February 2nd, 2011
That's a lot of photo books Ross, congrats on a sterling job!
posted February 2nd, 2011
This Project was a HUGE undertaking on your part, Ross. Very much appreciated--thank you for keeping the site so awesome.
posted February 2nd, 2011
thats so fantastic!!! yay congrats to 365!
posted February 2nd, 2011
You rock, Ross!
posted February 2nd, 2011
I am new to the site (joined in the end of last year) but I really appreciate the time, heart and money you put into this website.
It made it much simpler to keep up with the project.
Thank you, Ross!
posted February 2nd, 2011
Many, many thanks to you for maintaining this site. This has become a Huge part of each day. I so enjoy the community here and the motivation this has given me to improve skills, to learn my camera and most importantly to view my world from a much different perspective.
posted February 2nd, 2011
Ross, this is amazing!! All I can say is that you are one awesome guy! How did you come up with the idea for 365? And why did you make it public, and not just a blog to post your images on? We can't thank you enough for maintaining the site and letting us upload our photos every day! When I read about Project 365 on Matador, I thought it's mostly for professional photographers. I had no idea that people look at and comment on your photos. In a moment of confidence, I joined, and I couldn't be happier! My photography has improved tremendously, I've been learning so much from everyone on 365, and most importantly, I have many new friends from all over the world! 365 is more than a community of photographers, it's a family that welcomes you with arms wide open! Thank you again so much for keeping the site up! You are our hero!!! :-))
posted February 2nd, 2011
Thanks Ross. This site provides a lot of joy and inspiration for all of us. I find myself checking in a couple of times a day and it is definitely challenging me to become a more versatile / better photographer
posted February 2nd, 2011
A big thanks and props to ya Ross for creating and maintaining this amazing site! I joined at the beginning of this year and it has been a daily part of my life since. You rock!
posted February 2nd, 2011
Just a million? I've got to upload more! Actually, a million is impressive. Congrats for surviving all the photos being thrown at the site.
posted February 2nd, 2011
the site has had a positive affect on me, not only with my photography, but as a whole. thank you for starting this community forum know as 365project.
posted February 2nd, 2011
I think this site and it's members are an amazing, open group. I've learned so much and look forward to learning even more! Thanks for creating such an inspiring site!
posted February 2nd, 2011
Oh dear, I have learned SO much, and continue to improve my photography every single day because of this site. Well, I had the interest before, but since starting this project, and learning from so many different people, my skills and drive to learn more have grown tremendously. It has been such a treasure to have this forum where people are as excited as me about photography. The people are truly something special, as this community is so helpful, united, and encouraging. I get more inspired as soon as I log on; there is so much talent and varied styles on here. I feel very lucky to have joined this community, and I thank YOU very much for starting (and maintaining) it all!
posted February 2nd, 2011
I've become completely addicted to this forum, and I think you are doing a wonderful job maintaining this site! I've purchased a new DSLR, just so I can become a better amateur photographer. If I'm not the one millionth upload, then I will be purchasing an ACE Membership. But I'm going to hold out until the contest is over. Great job, Ross, you are amazing!
posted February 2nd, 2011
Unbelievable! You, the site, and everyone here is just fabulous. Waiting and wondering for the millionth picture to be uploaded.
posted February 2nd, 2011
This site is amazing! I am learning to use my camera everyday and not just on those where I feel artistic. I am learning how to turn boring things into photos. This site has also helped me to think in pictures. I can go on and on about what doing 365 has done for me, but I'll just say, "Thanks!" Can't wait to see what the millionth photo!
posted February 2nd, 2011
This site is the best! I am so inspired by everyone - their photos and their stories. It's definitely made me a better photographer - especially using the fun apps on my smartphone! Thank you so much for doing this Ross. I second Helene - you are the king!
posted February 2nd, 2011
SO cool! thats amazing
posted February 2nd, 2011
Without the help of this site, I would have never been inspired to go out and try to become a better photographer. Now, I have people coming up to me on a weekly basis telling me they'll pay me to take their picture! It's amazing! I don't think I would have realized my dreams without the help of this site! Thank you Ross for everything!!!!! :)
posted February 2nd, 2011
Wow, the one millionth photo, that's absolutely amazing :)

I'm a month into my project now and it has re-ignited my passion for photography. I was stuck in a rut, mostly taking snapshots of my two young children. Now I see photo opportunities all day long and always have my camera at the ready. This has made my days more pleasant :)
posted February 2nd, 2011
I agree with everything said!!!! I am so happy that the 365 project website exists. It has changed my life in just one month that I have been on here! Thank you, ROSS! And thank you to everyone else who makes this so great.
posted February 3rd, 2011
It's great to be part of such a big project!
posted February 3rd, 2011
wow Ross that is quite the accomplishment!! As for me I joined this site as an outlet to release my creative juices. When I started I had a little point and shoot and no more knowledge of photography then how to press the shutter release LOL! I have to thank you and this site for showing me joy through the viewfinder. You are doing a fantastic job Ross- many, many thanks to you.
posted February 3rd, 2011
Wow, that's awesome! Congratulations to you!

Wow, the site has changed the way I look at the world. I mean I have always loved taking pictures, and I am a lifelong photography student, but now I dream about taking pictures almost every night and it seems that everything I look at I wonder whether it will make a good photo.

Thank you for that!
posted February 3rd, 2011
I'm a newbie to 365... just started on January 1, and want to thank you for hosting such a wonderful community! Congratulations on the upcoming 1 mil photo! What an accomplishment!

Being a part of 365 has rekindled the creativity in my life, and I get excited every day wondering what will be "today's photo." And sharing in the photography of others is equally inspiring. All the world is a photo just waiting to be captured. Increasing my creative thinking about photography has also made me think more creatively about other parts of my life and work... and it feels good.

Thank you, Ross, for this amazing site and inspiring community!
posted February 3rd, 2011
Hip Hip ..Hurray!!! Congratulations!!!
posted February 3rd, 2011
Im new to 365 too, and I love it here! Thanks for the amazing site Ross!

posted February 3rd, 2011
Thank you so much for floating this website and maintaining it Ross. It's been good for my photographic soul ( and many others, I suspect)!
posted February 3rd, 2011
Thank you for starting this project, it is one of the most amazing new things in my life!
posted February 3rd, 2011
Congrats and well done for creating something that gets people to enjoy photography again :-) Really inspiring stuff
posted February 3rd, 2011
Great site, Has got me into a new hobby, so easy to use and such a great community!! Thank you!! :)
posted February 3rd, 2011
Congratulations and thank you Ross for giving us this opportunity to learn, create, share and show! Thanks to the whole community for the feedback, encouragement and inspiration. This project really was a jumpstart for my photography enthusiasm.
posted February 3rd, 2011
Thanks, Ross - for all you do to keep this site going! I never took very many photographs before starting this project... it has changed the way I see the world!
posted February 3rd, 2011
Yay! I find that I am happier, healthier and generally a nicer person to be around. Photography is my happy place and this site inspires me and has helped me to grow so much. One year down, who knows how many more to go but I am certainly having fun doing it!
posted February 3rd, 2011
Thank you, Ross! I just started 365 on January 1st, but I've been so impressed with the site and the other members are so supportive. Thanks!
posted February 3rd, 2011
I've taken pictures for quite sometime and have found many now sit in envelopes and bags never to be seen again. This site gives me a place to share my pictures with others who also have a passion for photography. To grow as a photographer. To learn what others are doing and how it may be used in my own work. To see my photos published locally. To be creative in ways I never could before without a darkroom. To see my life in a photo a day is probably the most important aspect of this site. It really shows me those things that have made an impression on me one way or another during the year. These are the things that make this site a blessing to me and has helped to make my life a great adventure through photography.
posted February 3rd, 2011
Thank you. I think the most important thing about this site is the kindness of the members and the generous sharing of knowledge. I have learned so much since I started a few months ago. I look forward to the months ahead, hoping I improve my photography.
posted February 3rd, 2011
Congrats, Ross!!! I love being part of this project. I used to tell people that I just wasn't creative - I never did crafts - never felt like I could draw, etc. But since I've started this project, I believe I have found a little bit of artistic ability within myself. I'm very happy and surprised with a few of my photos. For my new found confidence, I thank you!
posted February 3rd, 2011
Thanks and many congratulations, Ross. This site has meant a lot to me, seeing photos from all over the world, getting to know the people and sharing my efforts. It gives me something to look forward to everyday, and a reason to get outside more often than I used to, especially during the winter.
posted February 4th, 2011
Thanks and well done Ross.
posted February 4th, 2011
congratz ross.... ♥
posted February 4th, 2011
Thanks, Ross and congratulations on this phenomenal creation. 1 million photos!??! Unbelievable! Through my participation in 365, not only has my photography improved, but the way I look at the world has changed. This site has broadened my horizons and opened my eyes to all the wonders there are to see (and photograph!) Cheers to you and all the folks that make up this amazing 365 community!
posted February 4th, 2011
You're doing a lot of good for a lot of people with this site, Ross. Thanks again, and here's to continued success.
posted February 4th, 2011
Thank you, thank you, Ross for this great site!! It's addicting on many levels and in a good way.
Congrats on nearly reaching the first million and here's to the next million :)
posted February 4th, 2011
It's great to be part of such a wonderful project. Congratulations to all those involved.
posted February 4th, 2011
awesome awesome awesome!!
I was also wondering how many active users are on this site...???
posted February 4th, 2011
congratulations to
posted February 4th, 2011
Wow, that's awesome. This is more than a website, this is a wonderful community. The project helped me A LOT to improve my photography skills. Thanks a lot Ross for your work :)
posted February 4th, 2011
It has been inspirational and encoraging. To get feedback from so many other talented photographers. and to see so many amazing places in the world.
posted February 4th, 2011
echo echo echo.... What everyone else said! lol, thank you for a great site and here's to the next million photos. Cheers!
posted February 4th, 2011
I think I'm getting better! I'm so encouraged to keep taking pictures. I love the site and telling people I know to look and/or join me and start uploading pictures!
posted February 4th, 2011
Wooohoooo....that is amazing! This site is amazing, YOU are amazing Ross!

Keep up the FANTASTIC work :o)
posted February 4th, 2011
Thank YOU Ross - I've joined an amazing community and enjoying every day looking at life in detail. Congratulations!
posted February 4th, 2011
One million - That is fantastic Ross. This site is awesome! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to making this a wonderful community.

"how has the site affected you and your photography?"

I take more photos for sure and I hope I am improving as I go.
posted February 5th, 2011
Is there a counter somewhere?
posted February 5th, 2011
Having dusted off some cameras and a bit of photo software for this project to participate with my children, I find myself more and more looking for the opportunity to find the interesting and exceptional in the everyday world around me. I find myself focusing on the ordinarily overlooked passing scenes and events with a renewed perspective. Thanks Ross, this is great.
posted February 5th, 2011
Congrats 365! =)
posted February 5th, 2011
Wow! That's awesome! Thanks so much Ross for creating the photography haven. It is something I look forward to daily. An outstanding community you've created!
posted February 5th, 2011
Congratulations, Ross, for starting a site this popular! I don't know that I've significantly improved my photography, but I've had the pleasure of meeting so many people who share my interests, and I've enjoyed watching each evolve with their own style. It's been a daily pleasure; thank you!
posted February 6th, 2011
Impressive! I love this site, Thanks Ross!
posted February 6th, 2011
I'm creative again... everyday! I owe you & 365 a huge debt of gratitude!

How bout I give you my first born but you have to pay his airfare to the UK......
posted February 6th, 2011
Cool! and Thanks!
posted February 6th, 2011
Congrats Ross! Thank you for your creation :)
posted February 6th, 2011
So very cool and I thank you for this site, which has helped me grow so much. I feel now that I take photographs rather than snapshots! You rock!
posted February 6th, 2011
Congratulations. You have made an amazing site with a wonderful community. Chapeau for your achievements.
Photography in general is for me a new fertile area for thinking and creating and learning. I landed here after being in a more competitive and critical site and I find myself enjoying and learning much more here.
posted February 7th, 2011
Wow, that is amazing. Congratulations! And now, I'm off to win that Amazon voucher, hehehe. ;)
posted February 8th, 2011
The 365 Project is so awesome I've been AWOL from Facebook! But, six of my FB family are now doing the 365 Project too! I love it!
posted February 10th, 2011
This is an awesome site. Thank you Ross.

I've learned to really see the world around me. It's amazing.
posted February 10th, 2011
Amazing! 1 million photos! That's exciting!! :D
posted February 11th, 2011
I'm proud to be able to say I contributed a few of those almost 1 million photos!
This started out as just a photography project for me but has developed into a personal digital daily journal. I love looking back on my photos from each day and being able to remember where I was and what I was doing! And even more... I thoroughly enjoy seeing all the wonderful photos from all of you, from all over the world! So fascinating to see everyday life in other countries through your eyes!
Congratulations, Ross, on creating this amazing 365 Project!
posted February 11th, 2011
Thumbs up!!!:):):)
posted February 11th, 2011
I'm new to this site! i am LOVING it!! its making me use different techniques even with my dinky lame little camera i have learnt to take some pretty fun shots...:) thank you!!
posted February 11th, 2011
same here, I don't have a great camera (nowhere near any of the $700 jobs that a lot of you have) I think it cost like 150 and I paid it off in installments but I do what I can with it and I'm proud of what I got. I got a bit of catching up to do but when you got a sickness in the family it's hard to do get a photo a day.
posted February 12th, 2011
.....and who has looked at every single picture? ;)
posted February 12th, 2011
Thankyou for what 365 has brought into my life. My daughte introduced me and Ive been going since the beginning of the year . Ive discovered so much more and i know Im improving - I see everything I look at differently since Ive made the commitment - its fabulous .
posted February 12th, 2011
Thank you Ross for coming up with this amazing idea. So thrilled to be a member of this community. I learn something every time I spend time on the site. Congratulations on reaching this amazing milestone.
posted February 14th, 2011
Wow amazing - I so wanna be no. 1 million! :) Thanks for everything Ross!
posted June 14th, 2011
How amazing although not very surprising, as this is such an amazing website and community, I really appreciate your vision to create such a fantastic site and the opportunity for me to take part in the 365 project is a daily pleasure =D
posted August 10th, 2011
WOW - 1 million!!! That's amazing! It's a great site and I've learned so much since I started this in March. THANK YOU 365!
posted September 8th, 2011
It is all so amazing here, I'm now at 50% of my first year and still growing, all the nice people and all the insperation. Thank you for making this all possible, and I'm looking forward to make and look to many more pictures.
posted September 20th, 2011
Wow! Ross and everyone who participates in the project, we are all pretty awesome! Keep up the good work and I wish us all a million more! This is such a fun site!
posted October 21st, 2011
How exciting to be part of such a special project and what an achievement. I wonder if you ever thought it would be so popular when you were developing the idea. Congratulations on engaging so many wonderful people and allowing us all to share such amazing photos and ideas!
posted November 8th, 2011
I wonder - how many photos are we up to now?? :D
posted December 20th, 2011
My photography has gotten a lot better.... initially. Then, it actually got a lot worse, and I have been shooting for over 30 years. I was so busy trying to shoot "something" the creativity went away. And that my friends, is the challenge in something like this.

I took a break. Now, I am embarking on Year 3 again. Let er Rip.
posted December 23rd, 2011
Congratulations on a fantastic achievement and superb site
posted January 15th, 2012
Thank you Ross, as a newbie here I have already gained so much, technically and personnally.. well done for a fantastic site..
posted January 16th, 2012
Love this site... 1 million pics!!!!!! Incredible!!!
posted April 20th, 2012
wow, fantastic achievement, well done Ross, let us know when it gets there
posted August 17th, 2012
Thanks Ross - I love this site - it is such a nice place to share photos and my love of photography - congratulations on the impending number!!!
posted November 4th, 2012
Ross, thank you; everything i now know in photography i learned from 365. the greatest global community, ever!
posted November 21st, 2012
Thank your for creating this site. I have only recently joined after completing a City & Guilds course and was finding inspiration to go out to take photos somewhat lacking. Now I have a good reason to do so and the support of others.
posted December 4th, 2012
That's fantastic!! 1 mil pics will hold an amazing amount of talent!! I find this site gives me the incentive to get into it again and i have "met" some great people here. So talented and so friendly!! Long may it last!
posted December 28th, 2012
Thanks Ross ............ this 365 site is really amazing , you can never ever get bored on this site always view one brilliant picture to the next .. Long may it continue.
Perhaps there should be a 365 party to celibrate this fantastic 1million upload
posted January 5th, 2013
wow - a million photos - I cannot believe that. I have only been here a year but I am so grateful to you and this site, and all the amazing people I have "met" on here, I am learnt so much for so many people, I have been so encourage for the comments and support I have gotten from strangers.

I have been so motivated by so many photographers on here, I am still itching to learn techniques, to have enough money to buy more lenses for my Canon (desperate for a wide-angled lens next), and I know my photograhy has improved by being part of this incredible site.

So excited about the 1 millionth photo....just incredible - well done !
posted February 15th, 2013
Wowza!!! One million images--incredible. Thank you, Ross, for such a fun, inspiring, and supportive site. Well done!
posted March 25th, 2013
Congrats on the soon-to-be million photos! I love learning new techniques and seeing new places and things from around the world.
posted April 2nd, 2013
Wow. Approaching 1 Million. That awesome Thank you Ross for having such an awesome dream and creating it to run almost flawlessly. I am so impressed with the people on this site. You set the standard high and everyone has risen to meet your challenge. I have been on other sites and they don't hold a candle to this site. This is absolutely wonderful and I thank you for creating 365. I have learned more here than I ever could have anywhere else.
posted May 3rd, 2013
1 million is an amazing milestone! Congratulations! I'm new to 365 as of January 2013 and have enjoyed every minute of it. I'm learning SO MUCH and making so many friends! I only wish I had more time to indulge this avocation. Anyway, I've been so impressed with the talent I've seen on this site, the ease of use, and all the fantastic challenges and tips. Also, this is a very CLASSY site! 99% of what I've seen has been very tasteful - and a breath of fresh air in our (often) profane culture. Thank you, Ross, for keeping this a great place to visit! I love my daily trip to 365! :)
posted May 8th, 2013
Congratulations. I've been a '365er' since the 1st of January this year and can honestly say it is the friendliest and most supportive forum I have ever been on. I feel like I have made friends across the world - that may sound a bit naff but as I work from home (photographer) it feels good to have contact with a large group of people. Thank you Ross for such a brilliant idea and thank fellow '365ers'. X
posted May 16th, 2013
How's the count going now?
posted July 17th, 2013
Thankyou to all involved in this project. It is awesome and I think my photos are improving. I certainly look at my world differently.
posted October 3rd, 2013
Thankyou for all the hard work, it's an awesome site and you should be really proud
posted October 19th, 2013
365Project is the perfect escape for me, a breath of fresh air amidst all the negativity on my other social sites. When I first joined, I was amazed by all the talent and creativity that was gathered here. Then, after a week or so, I was equally impressed by the sense of community. I'm such a beginner, but everyone has been so kind, helpful and encouraging with their comments. I found the site quite by accident, by reading a recommendation in one of my many magazines, and I'm so glad I did! And I love being an Ace member - the stats are great. Thanks for creating a site that is my new happy obsession!
posted October 26th, 2013
Thank you for all of the work you have put into 365project. It's an amazing community and we all appreciate your creative efforts in getting it started. One million is a huge milestone to celebrate. Thanks again Ross.
posted February 16th, 2014
Oh, fun! Let the uploading frenzy begin! LOL!
posted February 28th, 2014
@Scrivna Awesome.... that's quite the collection of images! This site has been an amazing find for me and I always recommend it to friends.... really has changed my life. I assume you will announce the 1 millionth upload when it happens?
posted March 13th, 2014
A huge thanks to you for setting up this project site. Such a fabulous target to be reaching!! :)
posted September 23rd, 2014
Wow, that's awesome!
posted March 6th, 2015
Fantastic! For me, this project makes me constantly look at things differently as possible photo opportunities. Even in the short time I have been a part of this site, I can't tell you how many times I have been mad I left my camera at home! :-)

Congratulations on such a milestone!
posted March 22nd, 2015
Ross, comgrats! Well done. Thanks for all your hard work and providing a great community for me to explore photography.
posted June 30th, 2015
Congrats! Not only for the milestone but for the wonderful community that has developed because of your work. I have only been a member since March but my friends and family are already commenting on how much my photography has improved. When I have problems, my fellow 365ers help me. Having a successful website is quite an accomplishment but making a difference in other people's lives is even better!
posted February 3rd, 2017
@Scrivna Congrats on such an accomplishment.
This site has certainly inspired me, and improved my photography along the way.
posted June 11th, 2017
Congrats and a million thanks....if I didn't have this site and community and the shots I take were only being stored in computer files with no viewers and no comments, my journey would never happen. I thank you for the life changes (even if I find myself spending more time here all the time....!)
posted November 22nd, 2017
Thank you so much, Ross for coming up with this amazing site, and for allowing all of us to join you. i've been here for 5 years and I enjoy it so much. I look at the world differently now, as I'm always looking for my next picture. Again, thank you!
posted March 27th, 2018
Thank you so much for creating this perfect site for us. I only joined for three months now but this is just what I needed. I love how I can see the photos of people living their own lifes all over the world and I love being inspired by them. I also love how this community is so kind to me as a new face. I didn't fit the lines that social media made me and my friends try to follow. I am happy to say I almost don't use Facebook anymore and starting using this site as a much better and healthier replacement. Instead of looking at people showing off, I look at normal but very talented people loving to take pictures and sharing positivity around. Thanks again and the best to everyone being so nice! Have a wonderful week y'all
posted April 24th, 2018
I've been taking photographs for a long time, but there wasn't much direction in them. I started 365 project January 1 2018. The main aim is to document my kids and everyday life throughout the year.
This website has made the whole project such a joy, I love seeing the completed calendar at the end of each month, and the positive feedback is just so encouraging! What I've gained most about this project is discovering my style, I'm not such a fan of posed photos anymore, I'm not much good at landscapes or still life, I'm looking for those everyday moments and hunting up interesting ways to capture them, and convey the feeling.
I love seeing other members images and reading their stories through their photography, its a marvellous eye opener.
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