A New Favorite by allie912

A New Favorite

I generally get my tea from Harney & Sons and this time my fancy was captured by a classic blend updated. Here’s the description:
We created Malachi McCormick, a black tea blend of Assam and Keemun, to honor its namesake, an Irish author and small-press publisher. Though his handmade book "A Decent Cup of Tea" is diminutive, Malachi McCormick's words speak volumes concerning the difficulty of finding well-prepared tea in hotels. "Malachi," as this tea has come to be known among its many fans, has long since become a favorite morning or afternoon cup. The 8 oz. and the 4 oz. loose tea tins still feature their original hand-drawn label design.
This tea stands up well without milk and sugar and doesn’t get bitter if you don’t drink the second cup right away.
Sorry we hadn't been connecting regularly! This image is *so you* and speaks to your taste and esthetics! As for me, I test the strength of my bones every few years...no breaks, but thanks heaven for good husbands!!!
September 20th, 2023  
@Weezilou Yes, I second your support of husbands, although to be accurate, right now I am keeping John going. The mind is strong but the body is weak.
September 20th, 2023  
@allie912 my love to both of you! We all took those vows to heart! I noted to Ken that we ought not damage ourselves simultaneously!
September 20th, 2023  
@Weezilou That is so true! You know when you were expecting,you would say “I’m eating for 2.” Well now I feel like saying I am ________ (Fill in the blank) for 2, whether it be cooking, shopping, doing chores or keeping up with accounts. Nothing particularly onerous, but I sure don’t want to drop the ball.
September 20th, 2023  
enjoy your cuppa Allison
September 20th, 2023  
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