A night at the opera  by boxplayer

A night at the opera

At the Arena di Verona.

Months ago when this holiday was planned, someone suggested we go to the Verona arena to see one of the operas so J booked us tickets for Carmen.

So after the usual lazy day at the villa of swimming, reading, playing melodeon and fortifying ourselves with a big lunch and J's orange polenta cake - we set off in two cars to Verona.

I was on the verge of a hissy fit when the other car group seemed to want to go off without us but we managed to find them and all go get delicious ice cream together. Fig and pistachio was a popular choice but I went for chocolate and lemon sorbet.

Got into the arena - an amazing Roman amphitheatre now turned into a venue - in the mid-price section half way up with proper seats. A woman togged out in Spanish garb would come out occasionally with a gong to herald announcements. It was all amazing with a huge cast of singers, both adults and children, as well as horses and donkeys. As the production started, the moon rose above the stage. It felt a bit far away for a bit but we soon got used to it and just enjoyed the sheer spectacle.

There were a couple of intervals and we were half an hour away from the denouement when the odd flashes in the sky became more frequent and brighter, and the rumbling moved closer and closer. A huge band of thunderstorms was basically moving our way. Alas, the production was halted - initially temporarily - as the rain bucketed down. Some of the others immediately gave up and found a pizzeria but Dave and I, Anna and M and C hung around hopefully. The rain didn't stop so we gave up too and drove home where I raided the fridge and cupboards to make myself a cheese roll having become rather ravenous.

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11 August 2022
Verona, Italy
I used to visit Verona regularly on business and one occasion my wife came along for the trip. We got tickets for Aida at the arena. It was a true spectacle. At the intervals, everyone would rush out of the arena to local bars on the piazza for a glass of Prosecco before going back in for the next act. It was a great night.
August 12th, 2022  
A great place to visit. Unfortunately we were an able to get our timing right to see an opera but enjoyed the atmosphere nonetheless.
August 12th, 2022  
August 12th, 2022  
Looks amazing, hope you enjoyed yourselves!
August 12th, 2022  
Seems like a great place to view an opera, sorry the weather interfered
August 12th, 2022  
Huge memories! We camped our way down as we drove to Lake Garda when we were courting a few decades ago. We went to the Arena di Verona and watched Aida on the first night and my favourite La Boheme on the alternate night. Glorious! Have never forgotten it.
August 12th, 2022  
Oh what a treat & something you had to do while there. Even if it’s not your actual favourite genre of music the atmosphere & vibe must have been amazing. A night to remember! You look a very fetching group posing beautifully!
August 12th, 2022  
pity about the downpour, sounds like a great evening, nice group photo
August 12th, 2022  
This sounds fab!
August 13th, 2022  
Has Dave got a gun?
August 13th, 2022  
Sounds like having a ball, fab! :-)
August 14th, 2022  
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