Dusk by boxplayer


Walking back from the restaurant along quiet Suffolk lanes, low mist hangs in the fields.

After a night of coughing with my cold seeming to come out, we woke at 4 with the usual amazing dawn chorus. We both stood out on the balcony listening to the incredible sound.

What a shock later though - a band of low pressure had plonked itself down just over our tiny bit of Suffolk and it was starting to rain and forecast to be heavy all morning. Having had our brisk showers in the shower shack below, we enjoyed our poached egg on sourdough breakfast inside, dragging in the balcony table and chairs.

I walked up to the barns under my umbrella, trying to avoid the puddles, for a day of workshops. Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne doing Anything but the Melody, Erin Brown and Barry Watson on playing for ceilidhs and Cohen once more working on a couple of tunes - again looking at what you can do with different right and left hand techniques.

Dave joined me for lunch - vegetable tart and salads - and there was also a session with Fiona Davies doing some stepdancing. Tutor concert after and we then walked to the Good the Bad and the Hungry for dinner. Huge portions - halloumi burger for me and the rather unusual banana blossom in batter for Dave. Walked back past the low misty fields.

Cohen https://365project.org/boxplayer/extras/2024-05-25

25 May 2024
Wingfield, Suffolk
May 25th, 2024  
Wonderful dusk light
May 26th, 2024  
Wow beautiful
May 26th, 2024  
Beautiful low lying mist.
May 26th, 2024  
Love that low lying mist
May 26th, 2024  
Very atmospheric capture.
May 26th, 2024  
A beautiful atmosphere.
May 26th, 2024  
Very nice, beautiful colours from nature.
May 26th, 2024  
May 26th, 2024  

May 26th, 2024  
Great capture of the low lying mist.
May 26th, 2024  
Lovely hanging mist… beautiful sky
May 26th, 2024  
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