Get Pushed FAQs - 2020 Edition

January 4th, 2020
We're heading into our 8th (gulp!) year of the Get Pushed challenge - thank you one and all for help keeping it alive! As 2020 i thought i would take this opportunity to refresh the FAQs :)

Q. What is the "get pushed" challenge?

A. In "get pushed" you will be paired up with someone else and you will each challenge the other to shoot something a little different than they would normally shoot. So if your partner mostly takes photographs of nature, you might challenge them to take a picture of a person, or something urban. If they mostly shoot big things, you might challenge them to shoot something small. Or perhaps a challenge might be to develop a skill such as shooting white-on-white, low-key, long exposures, etc.

The objective is to try something new and quite possibly out of your comfort zone. You also get the bonus of meeting folks on 365 you might not otherwise interact with.

Q. Do I work with the same partner each week?

A. No. Each week I put out a list of pairings and in theory you will have a different partner each week. However, I am not a techie and there isn't anything I can do to make sure you don't end up with the same person again. Generally the lords of randomness take care of ensuring you're with someone different - however, there aren't as many people playing as there have been in the past, so there's a good chance you will end up with the same partner more than once. You can always use this opportunity to up the ante 😎.

Q. Do I need a DSLR, expensive equipment or fancy software to play?

A. Nope! If your partner challenges you to do something that you simply cannot do (don't have the equipment, can't afford it, can't McGyver it), then say so. You know your limits - don't be afraid to speak up. But do remember that the point of "get pushed" is to try something new and I am pretty sure you can adjust the settings on a lot of point and shoot cameras ;p

Q. How do I know what would be a "push" for my partner?

A. Read their profile and look back through the last couple of months of their project (hint for newbies, since you don't have a lot of photos in your project yet, please be sure to post some info about what kinds of photos you like to take in your profile). If it looks like your partner is a seasoned photog who's already done everything, you can always get creative - ask them to tell a story in photographs, take a photo of a scene that reminds them of their favorite book or movie, take one photo and process it in 3 different ways, etc.

Q. What is the schedule?

A. The schedule runs something like this:
-- Saturday-ish: I will announce the pairings
-- Monday to Sunday: you take and post your picture(s) for the challenge AND you comment on the picture(s) taken for the challenge by your partner
-- the following Monday: the person who won the previous week's challenge will pick 5 photos from the pool for a vote

Q. Sounds like fun - how do I sign up?

A. Just respond to this thread and I will include you on the list

Q. What if I am going to be away for a week next month - can I still sign up now?

A. Yup! Just be sure to let me know before Friday of the week you will be away so I don't pair you up with anyone.

Q. Who are you and why are you running this challenge?

A. I'm just yer basic 365-er. I inherited the administration of this challenge from another 365-er, Jase Hoad, some years back, when he left the site. The concept originally came from Flickr.
January 5th, 2020
highly recommended!
January 5th, 2020
Truly recommend this challenge. My photography knowledge, skill and enjoyment so improved as a result of fabulous challenges I've been set (and set to others in return!)

Thnaks for doing this Ms Northy
January 5th, 2020
I would also like to encourage members to try this challenge. I have learned many techniques that I didn't even know existed, because my partner gave me a challenge. My favorite challenge is a term that I've never heard of along with a link to a web page that tells me how to do it.
January 6th, 2020
This is my favorite challenge!
January 7th, 2020
Hi, I'm a newbie to this challenge, sounds like fun. Please count me in but only after Jan 23rd as I will be away. Many thanks
January 12th, 2020
I've been out of circulation for a while and would like to give it a go if it's not too late.
February 23rd, 2020
I am interested in this challenge, sounds like fun, I need to be "pushed" and sounds like a fun way to learn new techniques.
March 24th, 2020
Great idea. Please include me in the challenge
March 25th, 2020
@suez1e hi Sue... i will add you to the list to get paired up next weekend!
April 12th, 2020
Yes I'm up for the challenge.
A newbie with basic knowledge but open to give it a go.
April 12th, 2020
@sandradavies hi Sandra... i've added you to the list to get paired up for next week... i've already announced the pairings for this week, but if someone else comes along looking for a partner i'll let you know!
April 13th, 2020
@northy Great! Thank you
May 30th, 2020
North, I’m ready to join!
May 30th, 2020
@kathyboyles hi Kathy... i've just announced the pairings for this week... i've added you to the list for next week though...
May 30th, 2020
@northy Thank you.
July 5th, 2020
@northy Please sign me up!
July 5th, 2020
@timerskine hi Tim... i've already announced partners for this coming week, but i will add you to the list to be paired up next weekend..
July 5th, 2020
@northy Thanks! I knew I was late for this week, so I have to warm up my pushing skills ;-)
September 25th, 2020
I have not done this before, but I'd like to give it a try.
September 12th, 2021
Like to try this!
September 13th, 2021
@potsbypam sure! i'll add you to the list to get paired up next week... welcome to 365!
January 8th, 2022
I would be interested in giving this a go ...
January 19th, 2022
I'm very Interested in this!!
January 23rd, 2022
Count me in if its not too late
October 3rd, 2022
I will love to do this the next time around.
October 5th, 2022
@jillbrowning hi Jill... welcome to 365! i've added you to the list to get paired up next weekend!
October 6th, 2022
After a little encouragement from JackieR I will bite the bullet and put myself in the firing line so please include me.
October 6th, 2022
@wakelys okie dokie!
January 28th, 2023
“Highly recommended” got my attention. @kali66

Do I commit for the whole year or what?
January 28th, 2023
@mltrotter as long as you wish, you can also dip in and out depending on whats up in your life, you just let @northy know
January 28th, 2023
@mltrotter let me know if you want to join!
February 9th, 2023
Please count me in.
March 5th, 2023
I want to take part in the challenge, please!
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