26th October 2015 by emmadurnford

26th October 2015

Our last view of the Andes this morning which we have been traveling over, through, and around for the past five weeks. We are quite sad about that as they are truly an amazing mountain range and there is something special and reassuring about looking out at the snowy peaks from numerous places in four different countries.

However, I think we are getting rather jaded now as today it was our ninth and tenth flights during this trip. On the first flight from Ushuaia to Buenos Aires I had the middle seat with a guy in the aisle seat who racked his iPod up with heavy rock music for the entire of the three hour journey and then the captan seemed to forget to slow down as we approached the runway on landing and we hit the ground pretty hard and bounced twice.

The next journey, Colin had the middle seat and a guy the size of a Kiwi rugby player was in the aisle seat so he was rather squashed and on each flight the people in front put their seats back the moment the seatbelt sign went off.

So after an eleven hour day of traveling and waiting for flights and pick-ups we landed in torrential rain at Iguazu and the first thing I noticed was the amazing smell of the jungle. We could not get a good view of the falls this evening as we are close to the Equator again and the night sets in quickly just after 6.00pm. We have to wait. Apparently this area of the jungle is alive with wildlife - capuchin monkeys, butterflies, tapirs to name but a few. We are only here for a day and a half but we’ll make the best of that time. We did receive the most unusual warning on checking in - make sure we keep the windows and balcony door closed as the capuchin monkeys will break in and raid the room otherwise (I think that sounds quite exciting!).
Beautiful view.
October 30th, 2015  
Great shot but another monkey in the room. Emma!!!
October 30th, 2015  
I'm not sure whether I would like the monkeys to join me or not. Great shot
October 30th, 2015  
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