30th December 2015 by emmadurnford

30th December 2015

As the year draws to an end there are still festive signs to be found… but not of Christmas!

It is very worrying that Budgens already have some of their Easter eggs in stock including mini Cadbury eggs. I'm not sure who would be buying these in December.

A rather odd day today with a pre-dawn rise for another hospital appointment for Colin, then I had hoped we would be seeing 'Spectre' at the Richmond Odeon this afternoon but despite having been released for over 2 months now, it was sold out apart from one seat. So I spent the afternoon catching up with invoices and ordering another batch of Christmas cards for an order received before Christmas from a lady who wants them for Christmas next year - very organised!

Nooooooooo! Oh go on then - just one!! 😃
December 30th, 2015  
Hard to believe.
December 30th, 2015  
In the Supermarket here they already got Hot cross buns....
December 30th, 2015  
Creme eggs make my teeth hurt! Nice colours though.
December 30th, 2015  
Oh no waistline can't stand it.
December 31st, 2015  
Haha, I like this. A few years ago when we still used to have a big family gathering on Christmas Day, once we had finished Christmas dinner and snapped the crackers, I used to pass these around the table, saying " Well thats Christmas out of the way, now on to Easter".
Don't think anybody fancied them on Christmas Day though.
December 31st, 2015  
December 31st, 2015  
@nicolaeastwood @danette @kerenmcsweeney @creampuff @padlock @tremerryn It is bad isn't it!! @markp Ha ha! Your comments made me laugh and wish I'd done the same thing after Christmas dinner… oh well, there's always next year… no wait, it's this year and just 359 days to go!!
January 1st, 2016  
Very colourful, but whatever happened to Valentine's Day? I hope Colin is doing as well as possible.
January 3rd, 2016  
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