30th October 2015 by emmadurnford

30th October 2015

A much better day today - or at least just cloudy - so we decided to brave the subway again to visit La Recoleta. This is one of the more unusual destinations in Buenos Aires as it is a cemetery first 'used' in the 18th century. Another interesting journey on the subway and as the lines do not cover a great deal of the city, we had a long walk after only a few stations. We also haven't worked out the simple way to cross platforms to travel on the same line in the opposite direction and often end up having to exit and pay again to re-enter the other platform!

I was not sure what to expect and I am sure that I had read that the cemetery was In somewhat a state of disrepair. However, it was very well laid out and not a little macabre. It consists of literally hundreds if not thousands of mausoleums some of which are 2-3 stories deep. They have glass windows and often we could look down onto 15 or 20 massive wooden coffins stacked in uneven piles. It was very surreal. Many of the crypts had broken glass and the coffins were within touching distance. There were some some stunning statues and sculptures which had to feature as today's image. I find it fascinating how different countries deal with death and La Recoleta was certainly a mix of impressive and over the top. There were a lot of cats there as well some of which had clearly been in quite a few fights. I thought they were allowed to stay to keep the mice doe but I discovered that at least a few people have been looking after them as there were bowls of food and milk secreted under benches.

After our visit we walked the long distance back to the metro and continued on the same line down to the main square and port. A great area with a brilliant modern bridge created like a harp. We returned back at this point in preparation for an evening of tango. No photos but an amazing evening with a truly impressive show and a great meal with continually flowing wine.

After yesterday I am revising my initial rather negative opinion of Buenos Aires although I still hate having to hide the camera most of the time and being constantly worried about being mugged or robbed!
Beautiful light and texture in this cemetery capture. Tthe place does indeed sound macabre! I'm glad someone is attempting to help those homeless cats.
November 9th, 2015  
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