27th April 2019 by emmadurnford

27th April 2019

Today we should have been doing the Park Run but (and I know I should not have this attitude!) we had an excuse not to go as we had to get to Epsom by 10.30am to complete the paperwork on the car which we will be picking up this afternoon. It only took us about twenty minutes so we drove back through Saturday traffic via Squires Garden Centre. I did not bother to do a card count again, I’ll do that in the next couple of weeks sometime but I did decide to pop into the Aquatic and Pet section just to look to see if they have any male Syrian hamsters in at the moment. It has been very quiet in the dining room since Washington passed away. I only meant to look but somehow I realised I was asking the chap what they had in and how many males.

There were three in the shop and I was going to wait for Colin who was in the other shop but the very first little hammy that was woken up was gorgeous. He had pale grey long fur and black eyes with little white rings around them. Once awake he stayed up playing around his enclosure which is always a good sign. The next two hamsters were very nice (white/brown tortoiseshell colouring) but it was too late, I had fallen for the first little one. By the time Colin arrived I had made up my mind and he agreed.

We reserved him and rushed home to make up his house ready for his arrival before returning in a couple of hours to pick him up. I normally spend a long time thinking of suitable names but Colin made the mistake of suggesting we use one of our past travel destinations as a name - we have had Milford (Milford sound in New Zealand) and Washington obviously… he said Sydney. I really don’t like the name Sydney (make sure it is with a ‘y’ not an ‘i’) but somehow once in my mind I could not get it out.

Welcome home little Sydney - he seems very happy already in his massive big new home.
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