2nd November 2019 by emmadurnford

2nd November 2019

Heavy rain was forecast this morning which means that as fair weather ‘runners’ we were thinking of wimping out of the park run! However it was actually sunny first thing. We got ready and headed off as the sky got steadily greyer! By the time we were ready to start it was raining heavily. The main mission now was simply to finish without slipping over! It hammered down and the wind got stronger as well. Amazingly I managed to keep going for the entire route with no slow downs but half way around or to be precise at the 3.1km point, Strava on my phone paused itself probably because my leggings were so wet!! My final time was 29:34 which really wasn’t too bad considering the conditions. I was literally wet through and it was difficult to keep my paper dry which I picked up on the way home.

After a warming coffee and then hot shower we had an early lunch before setting off for Sussex which I had not been looking forward to. It was still raining heavily for most of the journey.

Tony and Alison moved from Teddington five years ago to The Bakery but although they made a good profit, it turned out that over £200k worth of building works were required simply to make the building safe and structurally sound. It is very big but in a somewhat confusing arrangement and in a very busy main road which we discovered when we tried to reverse out later in the evening.

In the event the evening went very well. The rain stopped long enough for the boys to light the fire and set off the fireworks. We had bought a £15 single firework and it was very impressive. Afterwards we enjoyed 'firework food' followed by Jonny’s special Asian sweets - interesting.

We set off at about 11.00pm but didn’t arrive home until after 1.00am. Colin drove but it was pretty tiring after our exertions earlier in the day!
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