22nd March 2020 by emmadurnford

22nd March 2020

This is a strange time.

I chucked my clothes on first thing and headed to Budgens, maintaining the new ‘social distancing’ of 2 meters to buy Colin’s Sunday Times, it is difficult to maintain the distance when some people do not seem to have taken the concept on board. Following my successful session on Zoom on Thursday with my photo club I decided to try a session with Hester, Sophie and Mum to celebrate Mothers’ Day. I was so impressed that everyone managed to log on and it really was ‘almost’ like a family get together. It feels better when you can see everyone although I am worried about Mum as she does have underlying conditions but she is being sensible. This is a grab of the news this evening showing everyone NOT self isolating on the tube.

In the afternoon I finished tidying up after our return from our trip and Colin has made amazing progress with the garden. He is cutting the hedge back to reveal the path so we won’t have to keep going on he grass. I ordered him a garden shredder having signed up to 1-month of Amazon Prime! With the likelihood of a full lock-down sometime soon I am expecting a Chelsea like masterpiece to appear after a few months!

I managed to upload a couple of images for my photo club PDI Competition to be judged via Zoom on Thursday. I went to a hose image from Menorca and a more recent image of a Highland cow simply because I like it so I am not convinced it will do that well but at least I am participating in the process.
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