23rd March 2020 by emmadurnford

23rd March 2020

This is the first day we have really stuck to the self isolation. I headed early to Budgens to get fresh milk and returned straight away. Colin stayed in the house and garden all day and the garden is now looking rather good as he’s been working flat out cutting back the hedge and the grass. Our Laburnham tree is coming into leaf… seems so normal on this beautiful spring day.

I am behind with this 365 Project so have been working on that this afternoon and also I knocked up a Victoria sponge cake to go with tomorrows coffee.

We were waiting for BoJo’s announcement this afternoon but it was delayed as he was having a COBRA meeting which means bad news. It was bad news.

From now on we are pretty much confined to home apart from essential visits to food stores and we are allowed one walk a day. I think this could be flouted and so I am expecting that this right will also be removed in a few days time. All non-food shops are closed so no chance of picking up my photo mount now or my bracelet from Nicholls Jewellers. This is quite frightening and I think most people are feeling unnerved and quite frightened. I hope this project will be a way of documenting these times. Who would have thought that our visual diaries will be recording an event so catastrophic and which is effecting the entire of the planet.

Good luck and stay safe everyone.
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