24th March 2020 by emmadurnford

24th March 2020

Day one of lock-down.

I haven’t been out apart from in the garden although we are planning a very early trip tomorrow morning to Lidl. Colin continued the gardening and found this pretty green snail so I’ve decided to try a macro photo each day of insects in the garden.

This afternoon I sat down and cancelled all the accommodation for Colin and Chris’s trip to France and received some lovely emails back from the hosts. It was quite depressing especially with everyone wishing each other good luck… to survive. I’m also very worried about Mum and Ian. They are both over 70 and Mum has a number of underlying health issues and completed treatment for breast cancer last autumn. There doesn’t seem to the the helpful network that we have here of people willing to help those who are not supposed to go out.

I heard a clip-clop in the Crescent at about 3.30pm and a lovely white horse - which I later discovered was called Whizz - from the Park Lane stables which was being walked around the town (on his own with a stable guy) to visit all the children stuck in at home. What a great idea.

Later in the afternoon I finally managed the card count that I should have done back in January. I vacuumed under and of top of all the boxes and confirmed that the rampant clothes maths have not in fact been eating the carpet. I will finish the bedroom cleaning tomorrow and aim to do one or two rooms a week which means the house will be sparkling whenever we finally get to go our again with freedom.

Tomorrow we ‘break out’ to Lidl for some shopping and our allocated one trip for exercise.

A total of 233 dead in the UK.
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