7th April 2020 by emmadurnford

7th April 2020

Day 15 of lock down.

Excitement as the Iceland delivery man came earlier than expect this morning - at around 11.00am opposed to the evening slot we had thought. A few things are missing but we did get the essentials of two bottles of wine and a packet of flying saucers (I had ordered milk, salad and sensible food as well)!

I am finding it difficult to concentrate on tasks at the moment. I know we have more time than ever but this seems to make it more difficult. I find I always achieve more when I am up against a deadline and none of us have that at the moment! However I did upload my images to my photo club and write notes for my brief presentation next week which will take precisely 5.5 minutes.

We delayed our daily exercise until 6.30pm today as it is going to be a full moon and not only that a Pink Supermoon! Apparently this has northing to actually do with its colour but more to do with the time of year and the amount of trees with blossom. In the event as you can see it did actually have a pink tinge created by the sun that had just gone down opposite. We walked the long way and not only were there less people at this time of the evening, it also seemed that quite a few gave way to us as well. I ahem been getting very frustrated as the number of times I have to step into the road, thank goodness there is considerably less traffic otherwise I could have been flattened by a bus. The new signs at the Teddington gate into Bushy Park also are helping to separate people out.

It was lovely walking through the park towards the Diana Fountain. The air smelt spring-like and damp and it’s not just me that has noticed that the birds seem to be appearing in far greater numbers and I is possible to get much closer to them. I was able to grab a few shots of a lovely Mistle Thrush - I have never been able to get a close photograph before and there were two in the tree immediately above me.

We made it to the Diana Fountain and at first I couldn’t find the moon despite using the ‘Photographers Ephemera’ app. Then I spotted it to the left of the fountain but by simply walking around I could get it into the exact position I wanted next to the statue of Diana. In fact by walking up and down the slope I could try different angles! Although the ‘pink’ bit of the name refers to the blossom was actually it really was quite pink when I took this, probably from the light reflected from the earlier sunset.

We walked back as it became dusk and very few people were left in the park - it was lovely to walk with no worry. I heard a Little Owl calling as it flew near the Leg of Mutton pond and as we neared the gates we also heard a Tawny Owl hooting which I have not heard before in the park. It was a really lovely walk and we made our way back bravely taking the foot bridge at Teddington Station. It was deserted apart from a South West Train woman on the platform to assist people. She was all alone some had a quick chat from a distance and reassured her we didn’t want to travel on the train! The bridge was deserted and saved us a longer walk home. We have managed over 10,000 footsteps for the first time a while. A quick dinner of pasta with sauce, ciabatta and salad with fresh fruit for dessert.

Boris Johnson is still in the Intensive Care Unit but not on a ventilator. The health experts think that the level of new cases may be slightly slowing but it is too early to really know and I think it is clear our lock-down which officially ends next Monday will be extended but the Government will not confirm this until next Sunday or on Monday itself.

A total of 6,159 dead in the UK (up 786)
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