23rd May 2020 by emmadurnford

23rd May 2020

Day 61 of lock down.

Early 7.00am alarm this morning as we planned a trip to Tescos to stock up on supplies are getting a little short. We took the car this time which made it a bit easier. It certainly is a better place to shop and staff are excellent even if all the other customers are not quite so careful. The shops are pretty well stocked now as well after the stock-piling in the early weeks of lock down.

We finally got to try the raspberry Lamingtons and I can vouch that they really are as delicious as they look along with an attempt at a Flat White. We tried to relive the moment we have first time we both enjoyed a flat white and a Lamington when we visited Auckland and took a trip up the Sky Tower. We understood then that it takes time to make a good coffee!

In the afternoon we sorted the books on the top landing and have reduced them down to about a third of what they were. I scanned them all to see if they are worth selling as I did last time and we will have a few more pounds towards our holiday fund... whenever that will happen. It was so windy this afternoon as our walnut tree moving in the breeze shows, there was a strange sudden down pour with a massive clap of thunder. I think the weather is reflecting the scandal in the news.

The saga of Dominic Cummings continues. He is being called to step down but Ministers have rallied around him. Which was understandable until last thing this evening. He has been ‘had’ by the press who exposed only half the story to enable him to come top with excuses before releasing the killer bit of information that he has been out on day trips whilst supposedly ill and having travelled across the country. I think this must be the nail in his coffin. Interesting times.

I cooked a gammon roast dinner with bread sauce and fresh raspberries and strawberries for dessert with a fruity red - I had a break from quiz night!

36,675 PHE total dead in the UK (up 282)
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