28th May 2020 by emmadurnford

28th May 2020

Day 66 of lock down.

Colin was out at golf again this morning. I ate the last raspberry Lamington with a cup of tea together with Simon Calder at 12.00!

We watched the daily government briefing this afternoon as it is time for Boris Johnson to announce further loosening of the lock down restrictions. Now I may be being cynical but I’ve got a feeling he’s only doing it at this specific time to divert attention away from the despicable behaviour of Dominic Cummings. From Monday we can now meet in groups of up to 6 people in an outside space or a garden maintaining the 2 meter distance. This is going to go wrong and by all accounts, unofficially the scientists think it is too much, too early as well. BoJo mentioned barbecues and the scientific advisor looked horrified but tried to suggest mitigation’s to help keep us safe. Colin understandably wants to see the family and has organised going over to his daughter and son in laws for a barbecue on Sunday. I really don’t feel comfortable about this, a day earlier than advised and sharing food etc. We’ve spent nearly 10 weeks in lockdown seeing only 1-2 people outside our household and now it’s totally opening up in just a few days. Hmm.

The journalist from the new Teddington Nub has sent his questions through for my interview and feature and they look really interesting and in-depth.

After a mild chilli and rice I logged into my weekly photo club Zoom although I hadn’t got around to actually entering any images as basically I forgot! Just as well as the judge was quite a low marker.

Before the judging it was the tenth and final ‘Clap for the NHS’. At first this felt very positive but over the weeks it has become rather automatic and I’m not convinced that everyone is thinking of the Carers rather than catching a glimpse of the neighbours. The sun was just going down as neighbours across the road at 26 and 28 came out to join the last clap.

I logged out of my meeting a little early and we had another excellent view of the ISS.

37,837 PHE total dead in the UK (up 377)
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