14th June 2020 by emmadurnford

14th June 2020

Day 82 of lock down.

This morning Colin and I worked to fix the latches on the cupboards in the attic area. These have started breaking over the past year or so -they are magnetic catches and over the years the plastic has deteriorated and the magnets have dropped out. Surprisingly it was possible to buy almost identical latches from Amazon. It was a bit fiddly to attach them but we managed to replace over seven cupboard latches which now all close perfectly. I started to think about my project for the Landmark Centre which I hope will both raise funds for myself and also the Landmark Centre. I am coming up with a list of around 25 in excess of 25 different places and well-known sites in Teddington and I'm thinking of a square montage with black-and-white images and the Centre of interest colour popped to make it standout.

We popped to bushy Park in the afternoon and discovered that the little cafe next to the car park is now open for a socially distance takeout it would have been rude not to try and 99 ice cream and it was delicious.

Either time we got back from Bushy Park I felt a bit lazy so knocked up a pasta bake with vegetables!

41,699 PHE total dead in the UK (up 36)
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