11th August 2020 by emmadurnford

11th August 2020

Day 139 of semi lock down.

I framed my last print that I hold (another two framed are at the Landmark) ready for delivery on Wednesday. It is so hot, it is difficult finding the energy to do anything at the moment. Amazingly I finally sold the very old/retro joysticks today. There has been a complicated chain of messages on Gumtree but after a range of suggestions of me hiring vehicles to deliver the £15 pair of joysticks, eventually the ‘art director’ turned up to collect them. I still had not been paid so I had to stand there waiting awkwardly whilst the chap paid me by BACs and I could see the money in my account. Apparently they are going to become part of a stage set of the inside of a space ship - very original! On top of this sale I have also finally sold the tuner and the money is already in my account despite the fact I have not yet sent it.

Later in the afternoon despite the heat, Colin and I headed over to the golf course. The maintenance team were giving a short talk whilst walking around the course on the challenges of obtaining enough water to keep the course playable. This is a big challenge at the moment and they are trialling various processes such as creating a bore hole and considering using grey water. Today's picture is a demo of how the course sprinklers work -all controlled remotely via an app on Ryan’s phone.

46,783 PHE total dead in the U.K. (up 77)
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