21st September 2020 by emmadurnford

21st September 2020

Day 180 of semi lock down.

This morning I had nice email from the Editor of the local TW magazine who has offered me the chance to provide the covers for both magazines for November. This is great news for me as good publicity and even more so as the montage of Twickenham will ten be on sale and so hopefully will encourage more sales.

At 11.00am this morning there was a live broadcast by Sir Patrick Vallance and Chris Whitty - medical officers and advisors on Covid 19 during this crisis I like them (despite Patrick having shares in a vaccination pharmaceutical company) and they had stark warnings for all. Rates of Covid19 are rising everywhere across the country. We have to act now to prevent another disaster. It is noticeable in the figures of those diagnosed, admitted to hospital and in deaths each day. It is happening all over again although not that surprising considering we are out of lock down. Why oh why didn’t we lock down sooner, insist on masks being worn in shops and quarantine everyone arriving from overseas from March rather than just a few weeks ago - what a complete mess.

41,788 PHE total dead in the UK 4368 (11 dead today) with an increase in new cases of COVID19 of 4,368 over the past 24 hours
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