20th September 2022 by emmadurnford

20th September 2022

Another apartment, another wash day and probably the last one of our trip. We left it on whilst we walked out to see what Tudela had to offer. Tudela is a bit of a scruffy town, some older parts interspersed with new builds and empty spaces where houses have been knocked down. The cathedral - still not on a par with Cuenca cathedral - had yet another amazing domed roof. We checked out some locations for dinner in the evening as well.

Back to the apartment to hang the washing out but not on the 5th floor balcony with low glass sides which gives me vertigo each time I step onto it! We took the car and drove to the nearby town of Tarazona. I had looked to stay here originally but thank goodness I had not been able to find any accommodation as there was very little there and literally all bar two cafes were closed so we had to forgo our planned late lunch and drove back to Tudela.

Our problems started when we returned to the car park and discovered the rather unfriendly man in a black Mercedes had deliberately parked across the dividing line of the parking bay. They are so narrow and with so little swing it was impossible to get the car in the space. I had a plan of temporarily parking outside whilst trying to resolve the issues but we decided that we did not want to return to the car park even if the car had moved. With some quick thinking I popped out and found a car park we had noticed earlier was in fact free parking (as in a flood zone!) and as the weather had been dry for many months I took a calculated chance that we would not be flooded while there. It was a relief not to be in the car park and I messaged our host who was quick to offer a refund on the parking.

We chilled for the rest of the afternoon before heading out to visit the restaurant we had located in the morning. Following the theme of post of our trip, it was closed and the other one totally empty which is never a good sign. In the end we made out way back to the main square and had a few tapas where we had enjoyed a coffee in the morning - rather frustrating but enough to fill a gap.
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