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A Robin landed in the Fringe Tree just outside the window to my right. Between keystrokes, I'm watching it flutter its rain-soaked wings. It's staying put right there as wind ripples its feathers, and I'm marveling at how a Robin on a branch somehow brightens a gloomy day. Mike, just behind me as he still works from home, turns to see; and he chuckles as his day brightens, too.

Knocked off the branches by wind and rain, flower petals from the Cleveland Pears stuck themselves to just about everything out there today, including windows where they teamed up with raindrops to speckle most views like this one in the sunroom. Luckily for us, the den windows beside me are beneath the porch roof where they stay clean and dry and ready for Robin watching.

I praise you, Lord, for spring rains and Robins.
I love the Bokeh in this and the shades of green.
April 14th, 2020  
Such a lovely description of the view out your window. It's a shame these flowering trees can't be "in flower" for many months of the year. Wouldn't that be a treat.
April 14th, 2020  
I love how there is always something to delight in each of your days.
April 14th, 2020  
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