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The moment of birth (eclosion) on 15 August 2019. Sadly this male Brimstone is unlikely to live the 12-13 months he might normally expect as his proboscis failed to zip together.
stunning capture - so what I'm seeing there is that it kind of splits and is completely separated by the end? that is going to mean he can't feed?
July 16th, 2019  
poor fella
July 16th, 2019  
@koalagardens The proboscis is in 2 parts and it usually zips together within a minute or two of eclosion, creating a flexible tube through which it feeds. Some lepidoptera don't feed, for example Poplar moth, female Vapourer.
Thanks for your interest & support
July 16th, 2019  
@kali66 It's sad, but I suppose part of insect life & not all adult insects feed.
July 16th, 2019  
Fabulous macro, wonderful detail. Fav.
July 16th, 2019  
Amazing shot - poor little fella x
July 16th, 2019  
Amazing photo - too bad about the proboscis.
July 17th, 2019  
Nice shot
July 20th, 2019  
@markp @fbailey @365karly1 @bkbinthecity Thank you all very much. My Brimstones have enclosed (emerged), the nest is empty for this year.
July 21st, 2019  
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