Jewelry 8-10 by joysabin
Great capture. Love the lighting and bokeh
August 10th, 2020  
Like autumn/winter, the last leaves, but oh how beautiful they shine in the sun!
August 10th, 2020  
Beautiful image fav
August 10th, 2020  
Show up even better on black.
August 11th, 2020  
I agree the backgound really adds to the image. I have a piece of black coral that I use for my jewelry as well,
August 11th, 2020  
Wonderful pic!
August 11th, 2020  
Well done. Lovely capture.
August 11th, 2020  
Nicely captured! Very pretty
August 11th, 2020  
Works so well:)
August 11th, 2020  
I love the focus on this. fav
August 11th, 2020  
Wonderful capture
August 11th, 2020  
How creative and beautiful
August 11th, 2020  
So very nice
August 11th, 2020  
What a great comp! Love the light and bokeh
August 11th, 2020  
Very pretty- it's jewelry but it could be leaves blowing in the wind.
August 12th, 2020  
@ghost13 Truly grateful for the fav. I love the Helios lens.

@overalvandaan One of my favorite earrings, the leaves. Thank you so kindly for the fav.

@ziggy77 Thank you so very much, grateful for the fav.

@gardencat Thank you a great deal.

@bubblequeen Thank you so much, keeping them organized drives me crazy sometimes.

@photographycrazy Thank you so much.

@haskar Most grateful, thank you so much.

@aikiuser Thank you a great deal.

@fbailey Thank you so very much for the fav.

@dallboy Thank you a great deal. This Helios lens can be a blast to play with.

@k9photo You are so kind, thank you a great deal for the fav.

@kaylynn2150 Most grateful, thank you.

@samae Thank you a great deal.

@jernst1779 Truly appreciate the fav, I am having fun with this lens.

@olivetreeann Thank you so much. I hadn't seen that, you are right.
August 15th, 2020  
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