Words Day 9 by joysabin

Words Day 9

Today's prompt 'Its your birthday'. I am really glad that I only have one each year and its not today. It was fun to try and capture smoke.
August 9th, 2020  
Fabulous, very atmospheric
August 9th, 2020  
Love it! Fav!
August 10th, 2020  
Nice shot!
August 10th, 2020  
Gorgeous... the reflections, the smoke, the colours of the candles...
August 10th, 2020  
Awesome shot!
August 10th, 2020  
Fabulous capture.
August 10th, 2020  
you caught it so well! love that they're not in neat lines and all the attention is on the candles and smoke - no background interference. fab image :)
August 10th, 2020  
You nailed it! Well done. Happy Non-Birthday!
August 10th, 2020  
Superb. Very clever photography
August 10th, 2020  
Nice composition that fits the birthday theme perfectly
August 10th, 2020  
Very nice
August 10th, 2020  
Very clever- I would have used it as an excuse to get cake or ice cream! Happy Un-birthday!
August 12th, 2020  
@30pics4jackiesdiamond Thank you so much, most grateful for the fav.

@dallboy Thank you a great deal for the fav. I am really glad that I only get one B-day each year.

@rinflorin Thank you so kindly, truly appreciate the fav.

@lindasees Thank you so much.

@gardencat Thank you so much, the candles actually had another section on each, I took so many tries to get this, they burned down a lot :-)

@redy4et Very thankful for the fav.

@haskar Thank you so very kindly, grateful for the fav.

@pistache Thank you so much, these candles are wavy so straight was not in the cards.

@davidlostphojo Thank you so much, I like that, Un-B-Day, brought me a smile.

@zambianlass You are so very kind, truly grateful for the fav.

@k9photo Thank you so very much for the fav.

@bkbinthecity Thank you kindly.

@olivetreeann Thank you so much. I do need more ice cream, we all do.... its rather therapeutic.
August 15th, 2020  
August 17th, 2020  
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