Football Supertitions by ladymagpie

Football Supertitions

It’s nearly half time and I know what to do
Put on the kettle to have a good brew
Will it be coffee or a large cup of tea
Noooo, it has to be Bovril, needs drinking with glee.

This is football you know, it’s been played for years
So, at this mini break, we should move up the gears
This drink so important, to give us that win
Yes, Bovril’s important, not to drink is a sin

I’ve tried Coke and Fanta, we lose every time
Coffee and tea drinks, I’ve seen the decline
I can’t change my choice, it’s a real superstition
It has to be Bovril for my team’s league position
So, your Bovril you sup
To help a team win a cup?
Did it work this time, or
Is you team in decline?
September 14th, 2023  
Charming ditty - but wouldn't they feel thirsty after a Bovril drink ! A lovely illustrative image !
September 14th, 2023  
@30pics4jackiesdiamond You are a poet, did you know it. We are in trouble, I might need a double - BOVRIL,
September 14th, 2023  
@beryl Yes I have a bottle of still flavoured water by my side Beryl.
September 14th, 2023  
Did you ever drink that and lose in more ways than one? 😁
September 14th, 2023  
@pdulis Well I certainly didn't lose weight Peter.
September 14th, 2023  
beef flavoured drink???? is that some sort of soup?
September 15th, 2023  
@monikozi A little bit like soup but more like gravy.
September 15th, 2023  
Nicely captured.Very tasty especially on a cold winter's day.Fav😊
September 15th, 2023  
Very nice
September 23rd, 2023  
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