Getting closer... by luvmynynix

Getting closer...

OK I like this one better because it is a bit clearer, but I am still having trouble with the focus. The bottoms of the water stacks tend to be in focus but the tops are blurry...any suggestions?
Love the rich blues in this shot!! :)
February 22nd, 2013  
the tones in this blue are awesome... water drop shots require huge amounts of patience and perseverance...
February 22nd, 2013  
pretty blue.............. I haven't tired this yet but I will someday soon when I have a lot of time!
February 22nd, 2013  
You are so close. You will succeed!!
February 22nd, 2013  
February 26th, 2013  
I think it is your point of focus, with this pov your focus is at the entry & just above by the looks of it. I have never tried one at this pov, increasing your aperture may help. I do them straight in front & use a pen to focus where the water is falling. You have got me curious now, I will have to have a go at this pov
Love the colour & the movement of it through the water, terrific shot
April 16th, 2013  
Thanks! Yes, someone else said the same thing...although I did try to up the aperature, I also tried a different angle and was more successful!
April 17th, 2013  
Wow! I am totally impressed with how good this is! Beautiful , Laurie!
February 22nd, 2014  
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