Sumac by mcsiegle


When Tineke gave my the get pushed challenge to show autumn in my hometown or surrounding, I thought of the sumac that grows wild around here. I got Frank to drive me out to a spot on Deep Creek Road where I know it had been glorious last year, but nowhere handy to stop and park the car. To my disappointment, it had peaked already. There were a few spots of bright red, but mostly it was dull, limp maroon -- like the leaves at the bottom. NEXT year, I'm gonna check every few days right around this time. Though the red is beautiful, it is somewhat of a scourge in the pastures. I remember years ago when the K-State Student Union planted it in between the sections of parking lot, for the colorful effect in autumn, I suppose (and because it's so hardy?) My dad was so outraged. He couldn't believe they planted it on purpose.
@tstb Here's some sumac -- for the challenge you gave me.
October 2nd, 2014  
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