2020-02-20 my pause button by mona65

2020-02-20 my pause button

(flash of red month N°20)

A Glimpse of My Everyday in a Still Life

As so often, the day is almost over, but I have no picture for the project. Especially if there is a theme. It's the reality that I have to squash in photography as a hobby in my everday life. But as a photograph is a pause button of life; looking for an image, taking the picture, and doing a quick process, pauses my busyness for a moment. Good!

For the flash of red month, theme week 3: stilllife (the day is almost over).
It's hard to believe that this is a quick pause for you, Mona! Wish I could do the same. Beautiful.
February 20th, 2020  
most gorgeously done. you squash photography in so skilfully :)
February 20th, 2020  
Yay for pauses especially the ones that create so much beauty as yours do
February 21st, 2020  
Nicely done.
February 21st, 2020  
a magical still life
February 21st, 2020  
Very attractive image
February 21st, 2020  
Beautifully done.
February 21st, 2020  
How I love this. So very pretty.
February 21st, 2020  
Great reflections!
February 22nd, 2020  
I like how the camera looks like it is poised to take a photo. Looks like you are doing low key all week. Gives the photos a mysteriousness.
February 23rd, 2020  
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