Christmas doodling by randystreat

Christmas doodling

Get Pushed Challenge 541
My partner challenged me to make a Christmas card. Little did she know that before i saw my challenge I posted this. The challenge for me was doing what i had in my head with Photoshop. I thought an orb would be fun. Then thought the deer (from yesterday) jumping over the orb would be cool. Then thought the photo looked little plain, so added some holly from an October photo. Finally I thought I'd add a greeting to finish.
@farmreporter Oh my gosh, Wendy how weird. Done. Perhaps before the week is out I'll do another. Thanks. This made it fun and easy since I had a photo for the challenge before I knew what the challenge was. Great minds and all that.
December 13th, 2022  
oh this is just perfect!!
December 13th, 2022  
I love how you incorporated the deer and colored it so nicely. Beautiful Christmas card.
December 13th, 2022  
This is very nicely put together. Well done.
December 13th, 2022  
I'd be proud to receive a card like that, life like. Merry Christmas to you Kathy
December 13th, 2022  
Wonderful Christmas card
December 13th, 2022  
I love it, very clever. I would love to receive this as a Christmas card. fav
December 13th, 2022  
Very cute!
December 13th, 2022  
Perfect for a Christmas card.
December 13th, 2022  
You know there's a composite challenge ongoing??!!
December 13th, 2022  
Nicely done!!
December 13th, 2022  
December 13th, 2022  
Beautifully done! So proud of you with the way you composed and created this one. FAV
December 13th, 2022  
This is awesome!
It would be great if you could do another card, but not necessary since this one is done.
Don't forget to tag it for the GP challenge!
December 13th, 2022  
Job well done
December 13th, 2022  
@30pics4jackiesdiamond Thank you. I admit, i don't keep up with most of the other challenges, so, no I didn't know. I will tag this one for it too.
@shutterbug49 Thank you Debbie. It's pretty much the real color, just gussied up a bit.
@cdcook48 Thank you Chris.
@mirroroflife Thank you Pete. And Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you as well.
@kjarn Thank you Kathy
@onewing Thanks Babs. Maybe I should make it next yesr's card. I had a heck of a time finding cards I liked this year.
@jamibann Thank you Issi.
@wakelys Thank you Sue.
@johnfalconer Thanks John.
@pusspup Thanks Wylie.
@grammyn Thank you Katy.
@farmreporter Thanks Wendy. If I get a chance I'll do another. Appreciate the fun challenge.
@bkbinthecity Thank you Brian.
December 13th, 2022  
That orb is very eyecatching!
December 13th, 2022  
Well done, you! Fantastic combination of elements from all those previous photos. Challenge well met!
December 13th, 2022  
Thank you for you nice Christmas card and wishes.
( Those bridges can easely be opened for ship traffics. One man/woman can do the job.)
December 13th, 2022  
A very nice result!
December 13th, 2022  
How fun! Looks great.
December 13th, 2022  
@craftymeg Thanks Meg. It started out as a star which may show up in the next few days in its original state.
@mcsiegle Thank you Mary.
@pyrrhula You're very welcome.
@corinnec Thank you Corinne.
@susanhecker Thanks so much Sue.
December 14th, 2022  
Voila! You've become a graphic artist! I really like what you did here.
December 15th, 2022  
@olivetreeann Thank you. High compliment from you with your post processing skills.
December 17th, 2022  
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