My “poor man’s macro lens” by rhoing

My “poor man’s macro lens”

Definitely a desperation shot at 11:46 p.m…
Most of my “close-ups” of insects are actually not close-ups, per se, but shot with a longer 55–250mm lens zoomed out to 250mm (and, consequently, shot from 2–3 feet from the subject). Some of my close-ups, however, are true close-ups, although I do not have a true “macro” lens. Rather, I have this set of “close-up filters,” which are threaded onto the lens just like your UV filter.

If you click on the “close-up filter” tag for this post, you’ll find that only 5 of my critter posts have been taken with one or more of these “filters.” I generally cannot get close enough for a short lens or a close-up filter and use a telephoto focal length of 250mm.

A year ago (“Fall flowers”):
always a way to make things work, eh.
October 1st, 2012  
@glendq At much less expense than the cost of a true macro lens...
October 1st, 2012  
I have one of those for my 55mm Dad gave it to me with some old film camera lenses he used to us. I really like it and it does well enough until I can get the real thing!
October 1st, 2012  
Necessity is the mother of invention! It matters not how we get there but the fact that we do....
October 1st, 2012  
I too have a set of these to my old camera. Haven't used them in years
October 1st, 2012  
I couldn't get on with macro filters; always to soft anywhere but bang center and far too much fringing... Hmmm, perhaps mine were just too cheap :)
October 1st, 2012  
This is great and thanks for posting. I am budget girl and this will be something to keep in mind. I still need a new camera.....
October 3rd, 2012  
I'm a budget girl too. Have to keep these in mind.
October 7th, 2012  
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