Dad’s “concept cars” by rhoing

Dad’s “concept cars”

This has an interesting story.
Many years ago, my dad moved from one condominium to another and made it known that he was going to be getting rid of a lot of household things. My brother, sister and I converged on Dad’s place for Father’s Day weekend (as it happened) and went through most things with him. Some things went to the curb. Some things went home with my brother, sister and me. Some things actually moved with Dad. See

Something none of us wanted initially was a pair of green pocket folders with car sketches Dad had done — we think — in the early 1960s. On the plane ride back to North Carolina, my sister had second thoughts and called Dad when she got home. Dad, an automotive design engineer by profession, sent the folders at that time and my sister brought them with her this weekend. Thank you, Linda! (There was also a sketch of Mom that Dad had done; I wish I’d photographed it; my sister has it now.)

We divvied up the sketches and these are the three I chose (with one of the green folders underneath).
» I liked the one on top because of the house-and-driveway context.
» The sketch underneath it seems to have just a single front tire.
» I chose the bottom one because it’s one of the few that Dad signed.
The signature is “By Lil Hank”; perhaps you can make it out in the magnified view, lower-right. We all liked the flourish of the “descenders” (a font term?) from the “H” and the “k” to support an underline! Happily, there were enough “signed” sketches for everyone to have one.

Another eleventh-hour shot: only twelve minutes to spare. What can I say…

A year ago (“The tree is trimmed”):
I hope you frame them Thom so you can preserve them for years to come.
December 19th, 2012  
@digitalrn Definitely the plan, Rick, but thanks for the nudge in case that *weren't* the plan!
December 19th, 2012  
Its always the smallest things that become the most important ones.. The really personal items become treasures. Beautiful :)
December 19th, 2012  
Those are SO must frame them.
December 24th, 2012  
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