“Necessity…” by rhoing


CD player in Clare's car died ("Focus Error").
Cost to replace: $500.
Age of car: 8 years.
Alternatives: USB port or AUX jack (BlueTooth® not an option in either car)

I found a solution for Clare — a “hack” really — when she gets a book-on-CD, but all this investigative work dug up a cable for me to use in my car for music on my phone. The car's speakers are much better than a phone's speakers. So I have finally joined this decade … even if neither of our cars is of this decade.

[ IMG_20180419_090831954S6x8Atm :: cell phone ]
I am not a math whiz but I think you made the most economical choice Thom
May 10th, 2018  
I very seldom use a CD in the car now - its always bluetooth from my iPod!
May 10th, 2018  
Glad to know this--I'm going to show Charlie. Perhaps we can do the same for our son's car. He lives out of range from a cell signal and 40 miles from the nearest town, so he drives a lot, and he would so welcome music and books.
May 10th, 2018  
@janeandcharlie My hack for books-on-CD is to rip the CDs to my computer, copy the files to a thumb drive and use her car's USB port.

For music, using Google Play on my phone I create a playlist, download the playlist (storage space permitting) and use the AUX jack in my car. Hope this helps!
May 10th, 2018  
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