Interesting post-shoveling pattern by rhoing

Interesting post-shoveling pattern

Before we shoveled, the snow that fell turned into a layer of something between snow and ice (and difficult to shovel). So for a couple days of travel down to the mailbox at the street, I put down a (non-salt) melting compound. Today I shoveled before the next snow that's coming. It was like popping up flooring tiles as you can see on the left side of the image. But the treated path to the mailbox was different, which I found interesting.

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Strange weather you're having up there. It's been great here, but very windy! I've enjoyed having the windows open, especially at night. Soon enough we'll be suffering with triple digits and the heat index. I think I'd prefer your weather over the heat any day. =)
April 21st, 2021  
@marlboromaam Mid-February. I'm nine weeks behind. :-\
April 22nd, 2021  
April 22nd, 2021  
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