When you can’t just ‘fell’ them by rhoing

When you can’t just ‘fell’ them

Houses are too close together.
Trees are too close together.
Can’t just cut and yell, “Timber!”
Guy goes up on a hoist; secures the limb; cuts; they come down together.

One. Limb. At. A. Time. Tedious!

This was across the street from one of our daughters in Massachusetts, and they took down several trees. The log pile in the street got much larger before they were done … hours later. (You’ve been spared a grandchild post!)

Later edit. I showed this photo to the guy who has taken out our two white pines and he was a bit incredulous. He said you don’t lower the person and the limb at the same time and the insurer would probably have a significant issue with this practice if they were aware of it.

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They get paid big bucks too for the risks they take.
May 22nd, 2023  
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