cala bassa - the remastered edition by summerfield

cala bassa - the remastered edition

following the success of cala bassa's "face to face" album, two new songs had been added (including three gold fishes!)

:-P (again)

for the current album cover challenge.

Cala Bassa is a beach off the north western seaboard of the Spanish island of Ibiza.

"All progress is precarious, and a solution of one problem brings us face to face with another problem." - Martin Luther King Jr.


a tad different from the five plus two posting. i also thought i'd give the album cover another go.

also because i have nothing! hopefully i will have something more substantial when the northster and i go photo-ing sometime this weekend.
I like this one too, tho' I prefer the uncomplicated 5+2 post.
December 3rd, 2016  
December 3rd, 2016  
LOL- wonderful!
December 3rd, 2016  
Wow!!! Art shot!!! You have a great fantasy !!! 👍🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
December 3rd, 2016  
HI @summerfield we are get pushed partners this week, been over a year since we were partnered together and you were the first partner I had! Gosh now, what to set you to do! You have done so many! Ok, I will give you a couple of choices - [1] photograph a watch or other gadget in the style of a glossy magazine advert [editing as much as you want] or [2] make a symmetrical image using reflections [minimal editing please] - how does that sound?
December 3rd, 2016  
@stephanies - sounds lovely. i'll be right over.
December 3rd, 2016  
Most excellent as always. You do such a good job with the album challenge
December 4th, 2016  
You're so clever!
December 4th, 2016  
nice one
December 4th, 2016  
WOW are GOOD .... poor Bill
December 4th, 2016  
You're always simply amazing! You capture characters with your face so wonderfully well! What a fortunate faced it is!
December 4th, 2016  
Oh dear- that is one torturous gold fish bowl!
December 5th, 2016  
@bill_fe Are you just a little bit scared Bill :)
An amazing album cover Vikki. Very well done.
December 9th, 2016  
fabulous for an album cover. love this
December 10th, 2016  
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