the old man and the porche by summerfield

the old man and the porche

alternative title: i'm going to get you, girl!

methinks i have to be the only photographer who chases the subject running backwards. i know, it's an oxymoron. but i was walking away backwards from the porche just so i could take a decent photo with the woman on the right who was not pleased that i had a camera pointed her way.

this is the sixth frame and i like the way the man stretched out as he got out of the car and it looks like he's about to get to the woman.

twelfth day and i still haven't got the hang of the fifty. maybe by the end of the month. and i really really want to crop this or clone out that damned board on the left. what is with these notice boards appearing in sooc shots? :-P
He looks like he's trying to get to her before she disappears off
September 13th, 2017  
Ahaha It could be a frame of an ad, can't decide if for the car or the lady's dress or perfume...
September 13th, 2017  
You could delicately crop out that board? But you need to keep that woman in on the right! She could be the reason Mr Porsche stopped!
September 13th, 2017  
Nice light and a fascinating street shot. It definitely provides an interesting story.
September 13th, 2017  
He does look like he is running towards her
September 13th, 2017  
This really tells a story.
Good job.
September 13th, 2017  
Cool candid. I like his pose and car!
September 13th, 2017  
good street photo
September 13th, 2017  
The peripherals are evil incarnate ;). I actually think part of the problem is all the little icons in the viewfinder that are imparting important information... they block ones view of the peripherals which is why you don't realize you've got the sandwich board until you download to the computer
September 14th, 2017  
Hey babe, wanna ride? That's what he seems to be saying. And I love that she's TOTALLY ignoring him! Although in reality they may not have had any interaction, it looks really good for the photo! Yes, crop or clone- either would work. I'd probably clone it as I like the fuller frame for the shot. I also think what Northy says is true- the stuff on the screen tends to erase problems that you only see when you upload.
September 15th, 2017  
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