OCOLOY Day 217: Through a glass darkly... by vignouse

OCOLOY Day 217: Through a glass darkly...

... is often how I glimpse my phojo!

Recently, inspired by a number of photographers on here whose work I admire and respect, I have been trying to increase the impact of my images by using light and composition to focus the viewer's attention on only the key elements necessary to tell my story.

Today's image takes the glass/water/window theme from yesterday's image and explores it in a different way. As usual, the image is SOOC and is part of my ongoing OCOLOY project - you can read more about it in my profile.

Viewing on black creates the right ambience!
I do like the lighting in this one, and it must be viewed on black to really "pop"
August 4th, 2016  
Great shot
August 5th, 2016  
Interesting to see how your photography is developing!
August 5th, 2016  
Well done...neat light
August 5th, 2016  
looks great on black
August 5th, 2016  
In addition to se who know what they're talking about, VML the condensation and fingerprint on the glass...or perhaps my poor glass drying skills.
August 5th, 2016  
very effective Richard
August 5th, 2016  
n1 sin (01) = n2 sin (02).....les lois de la réfraction???? (
the laws of refraction)
August 5th, 2016  
love this when I viewed it on black!
August 7th, 2016  
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