Sea of Tranquility by 30pics4jackiesdiamond

Sea of Tranquility

How do you guys get such great shots of the moon??!! This was the best I could get before my pet brass monkey was emasculated.

Taken only for Ross' weekly theme of 50:50, probably hardest one so far this year for me!!
Oh your poor monkey!! Did laugh:) I couldn't manage a shot as good as this one.
November 17th, 2018  
This is excellent! Nothing wrong with it at all!
Better than anything I have ever done!
November 17th, 2018  
Fabulous details. Love how you describe the 'crisp' weather.
November 17th, 2018  
I like it!

Skip Tribby wrote me some good techie hints on his shot last November. You'll find it here:
November 17th, 2018  
Splendid...brass monkey et alia ;-)
November 17th, 2018  
Excellent picture ☺
November 17th, 2018  
Nothing wrong with this one!
November 17th, 2018  
Great moon shot. Looking at your exif your ISO is bit high as is the shutter so you could probably drop both a bit. I usually use around 1/125 and as low ISO as i can get away with. That said I would be quite happy with this shot the craters look great! Fav
November 17th, 2018  
Looks good. I struggle to get a good moon photo.
November 17th, 2018  
LOL - but it's a great result. I love the ay it's so crystal clear on the edges!
November 17th, 2018  
Wow, this is a wonderful moon is not nearly as good, so fav!
November 17th, 2018  
Hi Jackie, please be inspired by New Zealand photographer Jackie Ranken's kitchen stories this week for get-pushed
November 18th, 2018  
Well captured with great craters
November 18th, 2018  
I think you did a great job, wonderful detail on the craters.
November 18th, 2018  
That's way better than any moon shots I've been able to get :)
November 18th, 2018  
@casablanca @rjb71 thank you both. I must admit I didn't Google or research how to do this! I shall certainly have another go another night using your tops and advice, thank you so much!!
@merrelyn it needed a bit of processing
@ludwigsdiana fluke!!!
@wendyfrost they do look ok don't they?!
@kali66 off out tomorrow to lob a food mixer in the air and stand cutlery in the sand!!!
@jacqbb luck and fluke!!
@robz that's a circular crop on a black background Rob!!!
@la_photographic so did I!!! This is a lucky fluke
@carole_sandford I see lots wrong, but thank you
@johnsutton very kind!
@s4sayer merci
@salza oh it was crisp
@farmreporter absolute fluke and cheated by processing to rescue it
@fbailey it's very very cropped,

Thank you all very much, now I have a better idea what to do expect more, soon!!
November 18th, 2018  
November 20th, 2018  
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