Gandalf natural by aecasey

Gandalf natural

For my get-pushed challenge...soft natural light from the window. One front, one Rembrandt. The natural light today was very diffused because of the winter storm.
Frogger @tdaug80 I do struggle with lighting. Very interesting exercise.
December 29th, 2019  
I think you did wonderful with this exercise! I especially like the shadows created with your Rembrandt shot.
December 30th, 2019  
Okay, April. I am delighted to be your get pushed partner once again!
Do you still have Black Angus and are they close to home? Do you have snow?
If all those criteria are met, how would you like to attempt a high contrast shot of your cows (or a single cow) against the snow without losing any detail in either the cow (would like to see eye detail) or the snow.
December 30th, 2019  
Interesting pairing to see how slight movement makes for a different portrait.
December 30th, 2019  
A great study. I too struggle with lighting.
December 30th, 2019  
Great shots and exercise, I so agree with Taffy.
December 30th, 2019  
You put in a lot of work on this fellow. A great exercise for sure. Well done!
December 30th, 2019  
@aecasey That's the right idea. I lighter background might have improved the result, or maybe you have a Gandalf, the White figure. :-) As I mentioned in the original challenge, the journey is more important than the result.
December 30th, 2019  
Okay, April - this original get pushed challenge probably will not work for you as the conditions are not suitable.
So - would you rather try splash photography? That is something that can be done inside no matter what the weather is outside!
I did not go all the way through your project but have not noticed any splash photography lately!!
December 30th, 2019  
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