All in a days work by berelaxed

All in a days work

We had a busy and productive day here with our cellar crawlspace rehab crew. The morning started with a miracle. Merry joined us upstairs while we were getting dressed, something she rarely does. I easily scooped her up and situated her in the bedroom which was all set up for her. She spent the day happily with T as she worked and Merry followed the sun.

The work crew arrived well masked at eight and the work began. They began by putting down plastic on kitchen floor. We have no outside entrance to our cellar or space under our addition area. We just have stairs from the kitchen to the cellar and a trapdoor to the 4ft high large space under the addition. They set to work, taking down 19 year old fiberglass insulation installed in our cellar after our not our fault oil spill in 1998. The cellar was enlarged then but had to be reinforced by another company later to fix mistakes made during the reconstruction. It's too long a story to get into, a nightmare we can still barely speak of. So, the nasty hanging insulation was removed and two crawlspace areas in the cellar were covered. That work will be finished tomorrow along with finishing the insulation install on the outside walls of the crawlspaces. One of the spaces that had to be covered had only two feet of headroom.

We knew it would be dusty, but really had no idea HOW dusty it would be. Everything is now covered with fine 128 year old crawlspace dust and 19 year old dust from the addition space. We've done a cleaning of the floors and kitchen, but tomorrow will bring more dirt and dust as they finish and install two dehumidifiers. Lots of dusting ahead, but no car ride with Merry, they did not use the spray alternative that would require us to all be out of the house for two hours.

I wore two masks all day, windows open and the piazza door as well with temps around freezing. Covid and dust protection. The work will be done tomorrow except for an electrician to install new boxes for the two dehumidifiers, phew!

You can see some before and after shots and an example of the dust on our black granite countertop. The bags outside contain all the old fiberglass insulation, loved by country mice and dragged down by humidity. Bye Bye.

For the Record,
This day came in cold and clear.

All hands wary
Ohh...what an exciting adventure. So wish our 170 year old house had a cellar.....but we are built on solid granite......!
January 26th, 2021  
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